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Any success with Tasker and Zee?

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    Any success with Tasker and Zee?

    I've been wanting to use the Android app Tasker for some time to control various events from my phone with out having to even pull it out of my pocket. I think Homeseer knowing if I am home or away by whether I am logged into wifi or geolocating would be the ultimate in home automation.

    I've read many tutorials involving Tasker implementation with HS2 and HS3 systems and have tried to incorporate their examples using my Zee with no luck. I've used Fiddler 2 to track my URL when I send a command via Homeseer webview and put that information into Tasker to no avail. Even tried to connect thru from an external ip and nothing.

    I'm curious if anyone has gotten the Zee to work with Tasker? If not, maybe we could all put our heads together and come up with something.

    What I've gathered so far:

    1)Homeseer 2 and 3 use "Http Post", haven't found any info on the Zee.

    2)The serverort format should look as such "usernameassword@" - though I still get an error in the Zee's log stating "Error In device utility postback: Error, the user ID supplied when creating an instance of this class cannot be empty or null."

    3)Tracking the URL through Fiddler points to "" The 4 digit number before the ID changes with each event cycle. (1269_ID585398)

    I'll add more findings or maybe a solution as I find more time to play around with this.

    You're much better off using the JSON interface instead of the built-in web pages like Events. JSON will be faster.
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