When you create your own things, don't add them under HS3 Engine, HS3 Addon or HS3 Samples. They will be overwritten when upgrading.

You can usefully create them in HS3 My Own folder.

The structure of a tasker task and HS3 tasker plugin is very simple, just create a uniqe name in upper case. Ex. TEMPERATURE

Inside this TASK, you can use all the features that tasker supports.
%par1 and %par2 is the variables that hold data from tasker plugin.

%par1 is the data on the left side of the separator =:=
%par2 is the data on the right side of the separator =:=

From HS3 tasker plugin, send custom code "temperature=text.or.digits.withoutspaces=:=Your message"
temperature=15=:=The temperature is now 15 degrees!
Variable %par1 will store 15 and %par2 will save The temperature is now 15 degrees!

To understand it better, look under HS3 Addons/TASKS .