When you have import the project files you should have below tabs.

HS3 Engine (Don't edit anything here)

HS3Post: Handle communication to HS3 over different connection methods.
SAY: Triggered when speech is used by hs3.
Clear_Variables: Triggered from other task when needed to clear variables.
Manual SpeechDroid: Used to trigger Speechdroid listen mode. Create a shortcut to your desktop if needed.
Setup Connection (Run Me): This task must be run first time or if you need to change connection details.
Setup Home Network: Triggered by Setup Connection, used to setup local connection.
STROBE: Triggered when stobe command is called by HS3
Turn Off Continuos Speech Recognition: Disable Autovoice Contiuos mode
Turn On Continuos Speech Recognition: Enable Autovoice Contiuos mode
VIBRATE: Triggered when vibrate is called by hs3.

HS Command trigger: Trigger HS3Post if variable %HSCommand is set.
HS Device Trigger: Trigger HS3Post if variable %HSRef is set.
Receiver For HS3 Tasker Push: Engine that listen for HS3 commands.
Speechdroid: Speechdroid engine. Listen for trigger word "Android" (Activated by Continuos Mode)

HS3 Addons
AUTOLAUNCH: Will open app name when call the function from HS3.

More to come