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SpeechDroid restructure?

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    SpeechDroid restructure?

    I go in thoughts if I should remake the concept of SpeechDroid?

    Today it's possible to speech to Android/Wear and communicate with all devices and room. The plugin loop thru all devices and room and try to find a match in any order of the sentence structure and also sort out word fillers.

    I have over 1000 devices in my system and many of them is not "lamps" or device that should be controlled by voice. It also takes few seconds to compare the voice to all thousands of devices.

    One suggestion would be to have an extra tab in Tasker Setup page to only select devices that should be active for voice control.

    I don't know yet how much work this will include but what is your opinion of the changes?
    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
    Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
    Tonlof | Sweden


    I think this is a good Idea as the time it takes will only get longer as you add devices. This is how most speech plugins like the Kinect one works.

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      I agree, being able to choose which devices can be searched/controlled by voice is an excellent idea.
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        I agree.

        It makes it much easier too to maintain the consistency of device names if you can pick and choose which ones to reveal to the user.
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          Just an update:

          I'm playing hard to get even more advance SpeechDroid.

          Ex. if you say below in one sentence.
          Turn off ceiling lamp table lamp and wall lamp turn on chrystal lamp hall lamp what is the status of outside lamp dim kitchen lamp and window lamp to 30 %

          It should then
          Turn Off: ceiling lamp, table lamp, wall lamp
          Turn On: chrystal lamp, hall lamp
          Check status for device: outside lamp
          Dim: kitchen lamp and window lamp to 30%

          The tts voice will reply something like this.
          The following devices have been turned on, chrystal lamp, hall lamp and kitchen lamp . The following units have been switched off, ceiling lamp, table lamp, wall lamp.
          and window lamp has dimmed to 30%. Outside lamp is on.

          Each devices could have multiple alias so you can call the device with different names and languages.
          Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
          Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
          Tonlof | Sweden