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switching spotify connect device using tasker

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    switching spotify connect device using tasker

    Hi All. Here's the problem I would like to solve. I would to be have HS3 switch the Spotify connect device (from Alexa to Chromeaudio). I'm thinking about using tasker running on an old Android phone to control the Spotify app running on it. Is this HS3 plugin (plus tasker and autoremote plugin) all that I need? Do I need autoinput to be able to control the Spotify app (to select the Spotify connect device) or can the HS3 plugin/autoremote do what I need? Is there is better way to accomplish this?



    Anything Tasker can do this plugin can make Tasker do. So the question isn't about the plugin but about Tasker. As I personally don't use Spotify I can't say what you need. If you can create a Tasker tssk to make it happen then you can easily call said task by way of this plugin.
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