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Android recommendation for LAN-only Tasker events?

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  • Android recommendation for LAN-only Tasker events?

    I'm looking to replace a couple Android devices that I have dedicated to only playing sounds or TTS via Tasker/HS3. I only want to connect via my local LAN (i.e., do not want to use MyHS or other cloud service) and the devices will always be plugged in. My current devices have issues with keeping the WiFi alive* and therefore miss events. So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a device that reliably receives Tasker events via the LAN-only connection? Thanks!!

    * I have tried various WiFi keep-alive apps and am currently using workarounds such as regularly pinging the devices, automating toggling WiFi on/off, and automating reboots. I just decided it's no longer worth the time and effort to maintain/troubleshoot these particular devices. I'd also rather not need to root anything.
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    Micro USB to ethernet adapter with otg splitter for charging could work using your existing devices if that's any good for you?

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      That's a great idea. I forgot about this option since I couldn't easily connect ethernet to these devices when I installed them a couple years ago (for a different home automation system). But I can change their location now. Thanks.

      I'm still interested in other devices in case I want to add more in the future.