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Seems to miss a lot of recieved events...

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    Seems to miss a lot of recieved events...

    Please can you help. I have my squid proxy sending its access logs to UltraLog3, and I get some events but not anywhere as many as I was expected.

    So I made a second entry in my squid proxy config so it also sends the exact same proxy access logs to the syslog receiver on my nas.

    The nas gets a LOT more entries.

    Is this because Ultralog3 receives in UDP? Could you allow it to also receive logs in TCP please Ultrajones ?

    I am sorry, but I currently do not have any plans to update the internal Syslog servers to receive logs in TCP.

    I doubt it's related to receiving in UDP. What's the number of log entries per second you're seeing on your NAS vs UltraLog3? UltraLog3 has an internal buffer that should be able to handle several per second without losing any log entries. Are you seeing any error or warning messages within UltraLog3 regarding purging of the buffer queues to prevent memory issues? How are you determining there is a discrepancy?
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      Yes there is a major descrepency. It’s the syslog from my main router so can be quite a few per second

      I have installed the syslog server from jon00 into homeseer and this is picking them all up.

      I need to see certain events and therefore at the moment can’t use ultralog as it isn’t reliable enough I’m afraid.