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Ultralog for logging sensor data?

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    Ultralog for logging sensor data?


    I'm new to Ultralog so I'm not quite sure what you can do with it. I have been using mcsTemp plugin for more than 10 years under HS1 and HS2. Unfortunatelly this plugin will not be migrated to HS3 (I have asked Mike about this). So, my basic question is that can you save sensor (HS devices) data into an Access database with it? I can do the plotting of the data myself.

    Of course I could write a script which saves the data into a database but it would save lot of my time if there was a pugin which will do the job. I have tried aXP but it's far too complex for my purposes.

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    It writes device value changes to a table and you can do anything you like with this. I use SQLServer for my back-end DB. IIRC, by default it uses SQLLite. My sump pumps log values to virtual devices and I have SQL Queries that produce statistics. The queries run from a script which is called from an event, so every time a sump virtual device changes, it runs an event that updates the stats.

    IIRC, you can save queries in the Ultralog UI and then attach to events

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      OK, thanks a lot for the info.