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UltraLog3 (Database Logging) HSPI For HS3

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    UltraLog3 (Database Logging) HSPI For HS3


    UltraLog3 is a HomeSeer HS3 plug-in that stores HomeSeer and syslog events to an underlying database in real-time. The built in web interface allows you to query the data making it easier to turn your home automation log data into useful information.

    How It Works
    • The UltraLog3 plug-in listens for HomeSeer events and inserts the log data into the database in real-time. The log data can be filtered for display purposes and the search results can be sorted and further searched to narrow down the log entries you are interested in.
    • The UltraLog3 plug-in adds a log trigger to HomeSeer that can be used to trigger a HomeSeer event based on the type or content of a log entry. When an event triggers, the UltraLog3 plug-in updates HomeSeer variables providing the ability for other scripts to access the log contents.
    • UltraLog3 can also listen for syslog events sent by Linux/Unix devices and supports similar features available for HomeSeer log events.

    Main Features
    • Supports HomeSeer triggers based on text or regular expression matches on HomeSeer log events.
    • Supports syslog triggers based on text or regular expression matches on syslog log events.
    • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.
    • Multiple threading allows UltraLog3 to process caller ID events without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.

    Example Usage
    • Generate an e-mail notification whenever the HomeSeer log or syslog type (informational, errors, warnings, errors) exceeds a set threshold for the last 15 minutes.
    • View and monitor syslog output from any system that supports the syslog protocol.
    • Generate an e-mail notification whenever someone access your HomeSeer system.
    • Generate an e-mail notification whenever someone access your network cameras.


    Change Log

    Version 3.0.5320.20770 - Released July 26, 2014
    • Added support for multiple HS Log or Syslog trigger conditions within the same event trigger.

    Version 3.0.5468.35007 - Released Dec 21, 2014
    • The plug-in web pages now use HomeSeer jQuery controls instead of ASXP.

    Version 3.0.5657.18460 - Released June 28, 2015
    • The UltraLog3 PlugIn now includes 8 new devices that track the number of debug, error, warning and informational messages written to the logs. The device values are updated every 15 minutes. You can use this feature to trigger a HomeSeer event to send alerts when any of the log types exceed a set threshold.
    • The UltraLog3 plug-in no longer runs vacuum on startup in order to improve startup time on slower systems.
    • Other various code improvements.

    Version 3.0.5874.29118 - Released Jan 31, 2016
    • Added the ability to purge data after 2 to 72 months (or completely disable database purging).
    • Added different database retention values for the HomeSeer Log database and the Syslog database.

    Version 3.0.5899.37324 - Released Feb 25, 2016
    • Added an Export log HomeSeer event action. You can now export the HomeSeer log or Syslog to a directory at regular intervals.

    Version 3.0.5917.35093 - Released Mar 14, 2016
    • Fixed an issue with the HomeSeer database log entries missing the HomeSeer log source (the From String describing where the log came from).

    Version 3.0.6644.26753 - Released Mar 11, 2018
    • Added Rsyslog feature to send HomeSeer logs to a remote syslog server (requires TCP).
    • Bug fixes and code improvements.

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