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ultra view stopped working

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    ultra view stopped working

    I have been running Ultra View status page for some time now and I have finally managed to tweak it to my liking. Unfortunately, for some reason today, it has started failing. I ran the ultra_view2_xml.vbs from an IE window and found it complaining about Z2. Z2 just so happens to be my backup status that has been an integral part of my status page, as this is my confirmation my backups worked. Z2 status = Backup Successful 2/27/2005 3:04:45 AM
    As this particular device has worked in the past and other than the time and date having changed, no other updates have been done to this device/script. I am not sure why the xml.vbs is failing here.

    Any Thoughts or Suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance

    Brampton, Ontario

    Snippet of Ultra_view2_XML.VBS error message
    - <DEVICE ID="deva55565" CODE="z2" STATUS="17" VALUE="1" TIME="39" CTL="3">
    - <ICON

    The XML page cannot be displayed

    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. <HR>An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource 'http://homeseer/Ultra_View2_xml.vbs'. Line 1083, Position 52


    <ICON X="-100" Y="-100" Z="0" FLOOR="1"><![CDATA[1-</PRE>***="t"> X="-100" Y="-100" Z="0" FLOOR="1">
    http://<b><span style="></span></b> <![CDATA[

    unknown.gif</PRE> ]]><SCRIPT>f(clean);</SCRIPT>

    <NAME>Backup Status</NAME>

    You need to wrap that code sniplet in PHP tags so we can see if we can spot an invalid character. The code currently posted is messing up the rest of the post.


      Thanks Rupp,

      After doing more reading and searching, I found Tom Kern's post about excluding devices from the xml build. I took this one step further and after declaring a variable, i added in the following statement.

      If strHouseCode <> "x" And strHouseCode <> "y" And strHouseCode <> "z" Then

      This locked out the X, Y and Z housecodes from adding information into the xml file, thereby correcting my problem.

      It turns out that after further testing, that Z2 was the device the error would apear under, but it was actually Z13 that had some caller id information that was non alpha text. Using Tom's trick, I locked out Z11 - Z20 preventing the callerid info from messing with me the next time.




        In order to ignore several devices instead of a complete house code I used the 4th line shown below. To troubleshoot I used the second line as it was easier to locate the house code that was causing me my grief. My problem was due to garbage in the caller id section due to line noise and the modem not always recognizing the CID information properly. Therefore on occasion I would see these funny accented characters that were messing up the entire Ultra_view2_status window.
        Depending on how you have your RSS News feed setup house code / unit code wise, you may be able to filter out the entire housecode which would be the cleanest, failing that, you could filter out just the HC/UC's in question.

        ' TBK Excluded some house codes until I get them working...
        ' If strHouseCode <> "x" And strHouseCode <> "y" And strHouseCode <> "z" Then
        ' SLK lock out the caller id information to prevent it from messing with the xml output
        If strDeviceCode <> "z11" And strDeviceCode <> "z12" And strDeviceCode <> "z13" And strDeviceCode <> "z14" And strDeviceCode <> "z15" And strDeviceCode <> "z16" And strDeviceCode <> "z17" And strDeviceCode <> "z18" And strDeviceCode <> "z19" And strDeviceCode <> "z20" Then

        It is probably not as clean as it could be, but then again, I am just learning this portion as well.
        I have included my file from the include directory so that you can see the location within the file that I modified. Look almost to the end of the file.

        Hope this helps

        P.S. I had to rename the .inc file extension to .txt in order to upload it. The true file name is

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          Thanks Steven.

          I will work on it