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ultra_view2.cfg file help

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    ultra_view2.cfg file help

    Does anyone have an ultra_view2.cfg file they'd be willing to
    share? - I need help w/ the format so I can create my own

    I've been unable to get ultraview2 to generate the file for me
    after many attempts and searching this board for a solution
    decided to just try and create the file manually as some have

    Strange as the main ultra_view2_config file runs and I get
    "found 95 devices" and then "creating file" and then "converted 95 devices
    to xml record set" and then "load failed, no devices found"

    Seems that the createobject method fails to create the ultra_view2.cfg file
    in the scripts dir. - reloaded VB scripting to no avail as suggested

    I know other people have had similar problems- but have seen no resolution
    that I can find on this board

    any help deeply appreciated

    dallison - Here you go one file attached, it was located in my scripts folder along with ultra_view2_xml.txt.

    Don't remember trying to create any of this when I set mine up, I just ran through Tom Kern's setup instructions, you can find them on his site.

    Anyway hope the file helps.

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      Thx Lancenorton ..

      appreciate the response but -

      I still have problems though as my understanding was that the device
      out is written to this file.. - Your file looks like the generic file w/out
      devices included in the .zip by ultrajones-

      I was hoping for a file with an example of how the devices are written
      to it so I can write my own using my devices - coords look to be a pain
      to do by hand though

      So your ultra_view layout floorplan is working with this?
      or maybe you're just using the ultra_view_status app



        Sorry misunderstood your question I actually dont use the floor plan part of UltraView.


          Try using the updated config tool I posted here:
          Plug-ins: UltraMon, UltraM1G, UltraCID, Ultra1Wire, UltraLog, UltraWeatherBug, UltraPioneerAVR, UltraGCIR




            thx for the new configfile pointer-

            I had stripped out all my weather devices and saved the HS config
            file as a new config, re-ran the your previous ultraconfig file
            to get around the problems w/ all my weather device characters...
            a kludge I know - I'm lazy what can I say - I then reloaded the original
            HS device config file and it works like a charm- just couldn't see myself
            trying to do all the coordinates by hand-

            The thing I'm having trouble w/ now is most of my leviton 6381 switches
            don't show statuses correctly on layout.. - I had edited the xml.config page to
            have the page show diming as a control option for these switches -
            I know I'm missing an edit somewhere on one of the config files - just
            can't find where

            thx again