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  • Caller ID on Ultra Status Page

    I need help getting the Caller ID to display correctly on the Ultra Status Page. I use a script to pull the last 5 entries and display them on the HS Webpage with no problem. I either get all the entries combined without the phone.gif icon or nothing at all. I would like to display the last 5 calls on the Ultra Status page like it displays on the HS webpage. Does anyone have an XSL page to do this?

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    Caller ID on Ultra Status Display

    I finally figured out how to add a script to the asp page to get the caller ID to display on the status page. My problem is that when the page loads and the box with refreshing is in the center the caller ID shows. When the page finishes loading the caller ID information is gone. Does anyone have any ideas why the information only shows when the page is refreshed?


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      Not sure why the section disappears, but I sassume that your ASP results are getting replaced by whatever UltraStatus gets. Here's what I do...

      I have 10 devices that store the last 10 numbers. They are type = Caller ID. I have an XSL file (ultra_view2_status_callerid.xsl) that grabs devices of the Caller ID type. To make the XSL, just make a copy of the ultra_view2_status_devices.xsl file and change the line that contains
      xsl:if test="TYPE = 'Lamp Module'"
      to say
      xsl:if test="TYPE = 'Caller ID'"
      Next... Add a reference to the new XSL file... In the ultra_view2_status.txt file, locate the section that says
      set objDivElement = document.all.divDevices
      Call LoadDiv("ultra_view2_status_devices.xsl", objDivElement)
      Add a similar section for the Caller ID stuff that says
      set objDivElement = document.all.divCallerID
      Call LoadDiv("ultra_view2_status_callerid.xsl", objDivElement)
      Then, in the ultra_view2_status.asp file, find the section that says
      div id="divDevices" style="height:auto;" overflow="auto"
      You'll need to copy that entire table section (rows, columns) and make one that refers to the Caller ID stuff. The above line will become
      div id="divCallerID" style="height:auto;" overflow="auto"
      The above will basically work like any of the other UltraStatus device sections. I think I have it all there. Reply if you need more help.
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        I already have a script to display the last 5 (or whatever I specify) calls under a single house code in the HS GUI. I would prefer to make this work if possible. I am attaching my asp and xsl file for review. I had to change the file type to a .txt to upload. Look in the name to see the original extension. I have already updated the status.txt file to add the divCalls line. I hope someone can help figure this out.
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          At first glance, in your ultra_view2_status.asp, you have a line that calls div id="divCalls" style="height=115; overflow: auto;". This retrieves the info from the ultra_view2_status_calls.asp. In your ultra_view2_status_calls.asp, you have it getting all devices where the type = 'XP3S-IW (Relay Switch)'. I'm assuming that 'XP3S-IW (Relay Switch)' is not the device type you use for your caller ID. What I think is happening is that there are no devices of that type and so that's why it's clearing the stuff that your ASP brings in. What happens if you try commenting the div id="divCalls" style="height=115; overflow: auto;" line and the closing tag for that same div?


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            When I remarked the line it worked perfectly. Thanks for your help!!!


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              Glad it worked.