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What are people using to create floorplans?

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  • What are people using to create floorplans?

    I am wondering what is the simplest program to use to generate the floorplans.
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    I am also wondering about this, thanks.


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      The last time I updated my floor plan I used an online service call Plan3D ( It's way easy to use... You can either subscribe for a month @ $15.00 or a year for like $36.00... I just didn't want to add another box of software to my shelf when I only need it for a few hours of work.

      btw... It exports BMP files, so you'll need to download one of the many free converters to turn it into a GIF.

      The application is totally full featured, so if subscribing makes sense and working online is not a problem, check it out...



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        Punch software

        I use the software from Punch Software ( There are a range of products supporting 3-D definition, ranging from one that simply allows design of house and foorplans to one that allows full specification of everything related to a construction process (landscaping, interior, custom object builder, etc.). I don't remember how I exported the files --- my recollection is that is the one thing they did not support very well, but I got around it by capturing a screen shot and cropping the window borders from it.

        But all in all, they are an easy to use suite of products (gets a little comlicated if you get carried away trying to design fancy 3-D objects for the 3-D site renderer). And relatively inexpensive (the simple "Home Design" is $40 from their website).



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          I used Broderbund's 3D Home Architect and then snapped a screenshot. Using a program like that is very involved.. it needs measurments.

          The simplest way to do it would be to use the line drawing capabilities of MS Word. It "snaps" the lines into place, so it is easy to get nice straight lines.. and the dimensions don't have to be perfect, as long as it looks like you think it should. I have made some rather elaborate computer room layouts just using Word because the companies I was working for didn't have anything better.

          Best of luck,


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            I use Visio, it works very well and has some great shapes. My .02



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              My architect has floorplans online so I just did a screen capture and played a little with it with photoshop to remove some measurements and used a filter to improve the texture of the lines. I had previously done it with Visio but that was too much work and did not have the same appeal as what the architect did.

              One could also scan the reduced drawings that architects provide to supply with bid packages or for customer review and get an excellent starting point.


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                Another vote for VISIO. Took me about 3 hours of work for both floors of the house.
                Regards, Bob


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                  Cinemar develops floorplans in Flash for that extra touch. You provide a dimensional print and our graphics developers do the rest. Not as inexpensive as doing it yourself, but it will typically be a whole lot nicer when done! Especially for those using MainLobby as their Homeseer front end.