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GIF image 'stretched' in browser...

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  • crypto1701
    Guest replied
    Did you change the image size to match your image in ultraview2.aspx? It's most of the way down in the file right under a line that says "SPECIFY THE HEIGHT AND WIDTH OF YOUR FLOOR PLAN IMAGE BELOW". If you don't know the size of your image, open a Windows explorer window and right-click on the image, select "properties" and in the properties window click the "summary" tab.

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  • kevinsul
    started a topic GIF image 'stretched' in browser...

    GIF image 'stretched' in browser...

    So I have a few jpg images which I converted to GIF of my house (new house so I had electronic images of the house plan already). problem is that when i set up my lights and such using these images, everything sets up correctly but when i go to view it with my browser, the pictures of my floor plan are skewed or stretched which misaligns the placement of all of my controlled devices - any easy way to fix this?