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    Thanks for the reply
    What would you need in way of an example
    This has been driving me nuts for a while and Im not sure if people have got the wrong end of the stick
    I know there a various problems with Icons and setting Custom icons.
    But i could never understand why if one part of homeseer displays an Icon such as the standard Status page, then why can other plugins.
    Bu all I keep getting is why you cant use BLICON to change icons created by other plugins, possible ideas on how you could change icons etc.
    But although it would be grat to change Icons, that isnt the main Issue.
    The issue is devices that have icons not showing up.

    I know there is one problem with cbus, in that it sends a value between 0 and 255, so the comfort plugin doesnt give the option to assign an icon.
    but as most of this is lighting, I would be quite happy with on and off depending on the cbus value. I have asked Phil if he would look at this.