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...and this is one of the main reasons...

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  • ...and this is one of the main reasons...

    ...why I want to keep my HA voice control under MY control. Not the only reason mind you (privacy being the primary) but just another great example.

    So a couple weeks ago we have these things adding new movie releases to your daily interests if you care or not (but oh...that wasn't a paid ad...don't worry). Before that was the confirmation that they store a certain amount of buffered conversation all the time (I'm sure everyone turns their assistant off before discussing private/personal/financial/medical matters in the same room). There were pranks of people triggering assistants by saying certain things on the radio or videos, and now commecials are directly leveraging these.

    I am absolutely the first to say I'd love the power and flexibility of the Google device but never unless it's under my control, not the other way around. I know the HS voice control is not nearly as capable but it's the only solution I'm going to allow in my home.

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    Man, glad I don't have to watch commercials... this is another reason not to have a listening device...

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      Or also talk with our wallets, and don't buy from the companies that try these "funny" ads.


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        Originally posted by Beowulf View Post
        ...why I want to keep my HA voice control under MY control. Not the only reason mind you (privacy being the primary) but just another great example.
        I am an older guy myself... and I remember when people in America actually had an expectation of a right to privacy. Mostly... I think that expectation was somewhere between WW2 and somewhere around the late 90's. But that "privacy ship" sailed some years ago. Constitutionally correct or not... there is no privacy. Everything is monitored, converted to a shorthand text, then scanned with programs using high-tech algorithms.

        The government isn't eavesdropping.... the governments of the world (ALL of them) are trying to bust our code. The goal is to understand the human algorithm. Know how the brain works.... to control the population.

        That said.... I love the cloud! I've run Voice Recognition software (on a non-Internet PC) for more than a decade to control my X10 setup. You can't get more self-controlled than that. But the new cloud based Alexa/Siri/ and I would assume Google stuff... is awesome. We can't go back! And making ourselves in the image of 19th-century Luddites isn't going to benefit ourselves.... or the naked masses.

        Good Home Automation will always be bleeding-edge technology. Embrace the tech... keep your head/dreams/and automation... in the cloud(s).


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          Originally posted by sonypoolplr View Post
          Or also talk with our wallets, and don't buy from the companies that try these "funny" ads.

          Or support them for pointing out the flaws in the technology ;-)

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            Privacy is what you choose to make of it. Everyone has their personal threasholds. Simply look at Facebook as an obvious example.

            I may post a couple times per month, and when I do I target my audiance via "shared with" groups. My ex-Air Force friends have no need to see what I'm willing to share with my close family, and neither of those groups see anyting I share with my wargrame buddies . I have friends however that are posting constantly about where they are going, who they are with, what's for supper, medical conditions, political views, shows they are watching, etc.

            I'm not worried about governemnt monitoring. I simply don't want to feed the corporate data-mining hunger.

            I have no doubt that everything I put on my gmail is being parsed for marketing purposes, specific or general. But I also have a dedicated family email account that I host myself that my wife and I use for correspondence with our kids school and other things we consider important. I know this still isnt' completely private but it's the difference between talking quiet with a friend and having a converstaion in the middle of a crowded room. For rare cases when I really care I simply encrypt.

            The cloud is awesome. I have some hobby websites I host off-site. I have a family minecraft server on Amazon's AWS. I do a lot with AWS in my professional life. But I won't invite this stuff into my home to sit down and listen.