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Touchscreen overlays for monitors

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  • Touchscreen overlays for monitors

    Has anyone tried anything like these?

    I found this while poking around on the 'net today. Wondered if anyone had looked at these (or something similar) and possibly even tried one.


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    A lot of touchscreen monitors are regular monitors with similar glue on touchscreen membranes installed. They decrease the clarity of the monitor a little bit, but work fine from a touch perspective. Haven't tried the one you reference, but haven't heard that there is a ton of difference from one flavor to another.


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      I was looking at going that route a quite a while back. I decided against it. If the after market overlays were better priced, it would be an attractive option. But, for a standard 15" monitor, the price is like $160 for the overlay. If you are going to get a LCD monitor, you can get a 15" LCD monitor for around $200 or so. When you add that up, you are not at $369.

      You can get a decent TS LCD monitor on eBay for for anywhere from $150-$400, depending on what all is listed at the time, and it will be factory, not looking like you stuck something to the front of it, and running the wires across the bezel and around the back. If you already have a LCD monitor, all the better! You can purchase an LCD touchscreen, and then turn around and sell your existing LCD monitor, and in the long run, maby pay like $50-100$ out of pocket for the upgrade

      I bought a 15" LCD monitor a couple months ago for something like $160.00. I have 3 LCD touchscreens in the house now, and the most I payed for one was around $240 or so. (My second one I STOLE for $132 for a 15" touchscreen) I am glad I took the time to keep watching eBay, and now have a few monitors that I am quite happy with.
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        Johnwpb may be correct, but I am planning to try one of the MagicTouch models. My wife really wanted a TV in the kitchen and our son gave her a Sharp 15" LCD TV/Monitor for Christmas. The WAF went way up and the idea of having a TV that is also a kitchen PC was the right move in our house right now.

        I am awaiting a set of KVM over Cat5 adapters (they should be here today), so will start with a mouse and keyboard on the counter top and the PC in the media closet. But I really like the touch screen idea, especially in the kitchen where real estate is at a major factor.

        So I would like to know of other's experiences too.


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          Lhfarm you hit the nail on the head! I too bought the Sharp LCD/TV monitor and have been looking at touchscreen overlays for that reason.

          I am a bit worried about the appearance of the overlay though ... wonder if you can take the plastic cover off the monitor install the MagicTouch then replace the white plastic front to make it look better??