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  • Wireless Touchscreen Controller

    Is there any touchscreen controllers that work well with HomeSeer? If so where can we get them, what brand have you had success with? What does the interface look like?

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    I just posted one on ebay, it's linked in the for sale section.

    The one I was using is a Viewsonic Viewpad 1000. With mainlobby and the mlhs plugin it's sweet. You can totally customize the look or use someone else's setup. It's a little heavy though but it's a full fledged computer too. If you want something to just RDP with they have the Viewsonic Airpanel 100 which is a bit lighter. Both solutions work great just depends what you want. For the price I've found them to be the nicest setup, though someone else might have some other good suggestions too.


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      Great!! What is that item number on eBay?


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        im using the viewsonic Airpanel v110's and v150's I currently have 5 ofthem in service and even have sseveral wall mounted, my only beef is that they are only wireless 802.11b so I am using multiple WAPS so that I dont load down my network bandwidth, also more than one or 2 of these devices and you need to go to a server OS but the nice thing is since they are just RDP terminals I only have one place I have to maintain all my programs and files. these little guys were easy on the wallett too.. I only payed i think 325 a piece for them.

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          Thanks Chris, I will take a look. How hard was the programming to work with Homeseer?


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            Programming for the 110's isn't really nessicarry because you're logging into your HS server typically. You can use the web interface or any interface you have for the server. They're easy to connect with too it's just an rdp session and there's tons of info about how to do it that way on the boards. I'm sure a search for rdp and 110 will pull up alot of info if you're interested in it.


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              Are the 110's or 150's still available?



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                There are always a few up on ebay.


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                  How do you mount the 10's and 15's to the wall. It would have been nice if they had been pre-drilled like the LCD TV's