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  • Touchscreen

    I have heard a lot about Touch Screens...what can they do that a computer with X-10 cannot?...and
    where is the best place($) to buy one? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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    A touchscreen is no more than a convenient web terminal. It has no inherent X10 capability. With a touchscreen you can touch the button "Lights" rather than having to use a mouse to position the cursor and click.

    Most of us that have touchscreens are using prior generation equipment because it is available at firesale prices. There are users of various types, but I know several have the 3Com Audrey. It was sold by TigerDirect, but now appears to be only available from one source for $115. Look at to purchase. You will also need a specific family of USB/Ethernet adapters for another $10 to $40.

    Audrey is not the only one out there and you may find more info with posts that discuss the merits of what is available.