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  • Web Wraper help

    I am trying to setup the maintenance reminder script. I have HS and have installed web wraper.

    I installed the files Mainten.asp in the HTML folder, Maintenance.vbs in the scripts folder and the .gif files in the HTML\Images folder

    I have only one reminder at this time, once I reslove this problem I will clear the ini file and load more. I have set up the refresh script, setup and clear scripts.

    My HS log does not show any errors, however when I run mainten.asp I receive the following message.

    Script error: Object variable or With block variable not set.

    response.write Cstr( hs.plugin("Web Wrapper").Header("Maintenance & Reminders",0, False))
    response.write Cstr( hs.plugin("Web Wrapper").Header("Maintenance & Reminders",0, False))

    Any suggestions? any further info required.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    You do not need to use web Wrapper in HS2 as it now has it's own functions to do this.

    For example to use a header you would use:

    response.write hs.GetPageHeader("Maintenance & Reminders","","",False,False,False,False,False)

    Look at

    For the footer you would use:

    response.write hs.GetPageFooter()


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      Thanks, I read the link you gave me. It appears that the maintenance script is running and updating the device every day.

      The problem appears to be the mainten.asp file. it looks like this .asp was writen for use uner HS 1.X with all the changes we have in HS2.x it does not work.

      I am not a code writer, but based upon the link provided I can see differance in the coding. I will try and modify the .asp file , but it may be a steep learning curve. Any suggestions that you may have would be great.

      Thanks for your help. I will more than likley be back with questions.

      I have attached a txt file of what I will be working on.

      Attached Files


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        All you need to do is replace the second line :
        PHP Code:
        <%=hs.plugin("Web Wrapper").Header("Maintenance & Reminders",0False)%> 
        with the line that Jon posted:
        PHP Code:
        <%response.write hs.GetPageHeader("Maintenance & Reminders","","",False,False,False,False,False) %> 


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          ...and at the very bottom of the script change:

          PHP Code:
          <br><%=hs.plugin("Web Wrapper").Footer%> 

          PHP Code:
          <br><% response.write hs.GetPageFooter() %> 


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            Thanks to both of you for your help. I have it running.