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Speaker Client on Cell Phone - Specifically Blackberry

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  • Speaker Client on Cell Phone - Specifically Blackberry

    I recently downloaded Google Mobile App for my Blackberry 8310. It has an interesting feature that you can push/hold the call button and it will listen for your search request, then accomplish the search with Google. I searched on the boards, but wasn't able to find if anyone had accomplished or attempted to run a speaker client for HS through a cell phone before. I think it would be pretty neat. I know that it would be hard to produce a client that worked for everyone though with so many providers and OS's. Still I'd love to hear if anyone has done it or thoughts on it.


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    Yes, it would be cool, but the current speaker client offering relies on .NET and can only be run on windows platforms.
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      Windows Mobile

      Windows mobile is perfect for the speaker client on cell phones. Windows mobile has alot of market share for the Smartphone segment.

      The .NET compact framework is running on my cell for Windows Mobile.

      Anyone interested in developing the Speaker Client for it? I will test it.