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Control Homeseer with a Logitech Harmony Remote?

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  • Control Homeseer with a Logitech Harmony Remote?

    Hi All,

    I bought a Logitech Harmony 895 remote ( ) in the hopes of I can control my z-wave devices in case my computer is shutdown or whatever. After research (and much disappointment) I've learned that Harmony can't be used as a secondary zwave controller or cant be the primary and have another controller as a secondary unless you have the pro version.
    Now I have given up on the hopes of directly controling my zwave devices using this remote, but I am now wondering if I can control Homeseer using this remote. The remote I have comes with an RF extender. What type of hardware/software/plugin do I need to use in order to control Homeseer using a Harmony remote? is it possible? Any advice would be welcome...

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    You have a few options...

    Use an IR receiver from within Homeseer (free or inexpensive)
    Use EventGhost (via RF, network, or IR) to translate remote commands to HTTP events to send to Homeseer (free)
    Use a device like Global Cache (expensive)


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      Thanks for the reply. So if i am not mistaken, you are suggesting to buy an IR receiver for the computer HS is running on (can you advice me one?), have the RF extender pointed to this RF receiver and use the harmony that way right?