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HSTouch Itunes Plugin issue.

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  • HSTouch Itunes Plugin issue.

    Ok so I have started playing around with HSTouch and designed a simple Itunes player interface to get the feel for it. The Itunes player in the HSTouch Client works as expected HOWEVER, Now the Itunes Plugin no longer responds to VR commands even on the Homeseer "server" system Itself.

    Do i need to play around with Instance names and what not to get this to function correctly again?

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    Really? no one here has any idea what the deal is with this?


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      If its the same as the WMP plugin (which I believe it is), do you have the option 'Enable VR Commands' set to yes? Its in the config page...
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        Yes the VR commands are enabled on the server machine and work as expected when the touch client is not running, but for some reason with the client running they are ignored by the speaker client.