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Having trouble starting HSTouch

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    Working (I hope) finally!

    Originally posted by donstephens View Post
    You might want to create a new user, set admin privilages, and then in the designer, use that user.
    In Homeseer create user...
    Setup > Web Users .. Create New User; Set User Rights to Admin ... Save

    In Designer
    Tools > Options > Connection Defaults ... Use settings for the User you just created.

    I hope this gets you up and going.
    Don - it does seem to connect now, but not in the way I would expect. I think I smell a bug here...

    Contrary to the instructions to use the default password first time - I tried my normal admin name and password and that didn't work either. Then I did as you suggested and created a new Web User with a new name and password, then opened Designer and it suddenly connected with my *old* username and password(!?) Prior to adding the new user my original username had been the only one in the list - adding a 2nd made the 1st work??

    Either way it appears to work now and I will get on with actually using it. Thanks again for the help, I couldn't have got it going without help.

    All the best,


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      That is strange. Unfortunately, there is a big push to get HS3 out and it appears that there is not enough manpower to look into weird stuff like this.

      Glad you got going.