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  • Imperihome

    Dear fellow forum members and HS,

    Recently I stumbled on a very nice piece of android software called Imperihome.
    This is software created for controlling Home Automation systems.
    At the moment several systems are supported, like Vera and Zipato.
    They also have an API that makes it possible for the Controller Vendor to create compatibility with their product.
    Having the ability to use Imperihome to Control HS3 would be a realy nice adition to HS.
    You can create a very apealing dashbord with it in a mather of hours where it would take at least days with HSTouch.
    Could this be something that is worth looking in to for a plugin developer or HS?
    I am not a programmer but they (Imperihome) are stating that communication with their API should not be hard at al.

    thanks in advance,


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    Did anything ever come of this?


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      I use Imperihome with VERA now. After many times trying to make the move from VERA to homeseer this is one thing I would like to see. It seems the apps to use on homeseer are non existent and my trial with HomeSeer HSTouch left me scratching my head.

      Posts like this that go unanswered for over a year on the forum also seem to make me hesitate.


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        Has anyone tried contacting imperihome? Seems that would be a place to start.


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          I miss it as well. They do have a common format for devices and communication to imperihome, so it's not impossible for homeseer or a plugin to offer up that format. I'm not sure ImperiHome will do it, but if enough people request it they might.

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            I was a beta user on the Vera and tried reaching out to them when i switched to homeseer. They said Homeseer wasn't on their roadmap at the moment.


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              I'm very interested, and I will probably give a shot at a plugin for this when I have enough time.


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                Hi, Spud. I will be a beta tester for you if you do it. The lack of a very sexy user interface is the one thing that limits my market channels right now. I can spend days creating a custom HSTouch interface for clients, but it still doesn't look as nice as the HS functionality deserves.

                If you can, please include the ability to address systems that have customized the field 1/2 columns of devices. Many folks find it more useful to have Room/Type than Floor/Room setups. Thanks!


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                  I'm sure when I looked at this some time ago (perhaps even for HS2, HS2 also would be harder as you can't have device tabs like you can on every device now) there was no support in Imperihome for events like they exist in HomeSeer so I gave up. I don't know whether that changed and guess you might be able to trick an on/off device into behaving like a manual trigger though.
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                    I have created a plugin for ImperiHome. The plugin is still a prototype but it supports a lot of the ImperiHome devices already and graphs as well. The plugin is currently being tested by a limited number of people but I'm planning to release it to a wider audience for testing in a not to distant future.

                    Best regards,


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                      Excellent news Henrik! Thank you!

                      I'm in the process of switching from Vera to Homeseer. I have been using Imperihome for my UI on my wall mounted tablets and phone for a couple of years. It's actually the main reason I have stuck with Vera for so long, but I just need more functionality than Vera offers.

                      Looking forward to release. I'd be happy to help beta test too, but I won't be ready with Homeseer for another week or so.



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                        I have the HS3 pro running on a PLEX/Blueiris server but I still run all my z-wave devices on VERA until I can find replacement apps and get the same features running on Homeseer

                        PLEG- Logic
                        Vera Alerts - Custom notifications Andriod
                        Vera Proximity - andriod geofencing
                        ImperiHome - main App

                        For you guys that switched over, what are the replacements your using?


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                          Hi there. I also switched from Vera a while ago. So, I might be able to help.

                          PLEG - HS3 logic and simplicity of setup kills it.
                          Vera Alerts - don't know. I have HS3 send anything important to me as an email or text. It's built in.
                          GeoFencing - I currently use IFFFT to modify the value of two virtual devices.
                          UI - I build custom interfaces using the HSTouch Designer and some free programs I heard about on hear like Sweet Home 3D.

                          I can help answer other questions about making the move. It was ultimately the right choice for me.


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                            Originally posted by integlikewhoa View Post
                            I have the HS3 pro running on a PLEX/Blueiris server but I still run all my z-wave devices on VERA until I can find replacement apps and get the same features running on Homeseer

                            PLEG- Logic
                            Vera Alerts - Custom notifications Andriod
                            Vera Proximity - andriod geofencing
                            ImperiHome - main App

                            For you guys that switched over, what are the replacements your using?

                            I can answer this as well.

                            PLEG - Come on! The HS3 event engine slaughters PLEG! It's absolutely no comparison. There is no way I could do 1/4 of what I do with HS3 natively using PLEG.

                            Vera Alerts - Pushover, emails, text messages. The pushover plugin will do everything Vera Alerts does.

                            Vera Proximity - Again, HS3 just plain punishes Vera on this front. Look at PHLocation. It puts anything Vera to shame so badly it's not funny. This one plugin alone is probably as feature rich as the entire native Vera platform.

                            Imperihome - I just made a custom HSTouch project. Once I decided to do it I found tit to be not all that difficult. That being said, there is now an Imperihome interface for HS3.

                            I don't know why people use Vera. That thing is more trouble than it's worth. I thank God every morning when I wake up for my good fortune in having unplugged that piece of junk. It's an overpriced remote control for light switches. I guess Vera is good for people too lazy to actually stand up and touch a light switch, because it's good for nothing else. And it's not too good for that even. A few years ago one of the more senior members on the Vera forum quoted an older member who had since left Vera by saying "If you touch a light switch you're doing it wrong". He went on to say that he thought that was setting the bar a little too high. Well, fast forward a few years and a move to HS3. I barely ever touch a light switch. I don't think I have touched one of my Russound keypads yet this year. I haven't touched a thermostat since moving to HS3 except when I added them to the system. I did make a screen to control my thermostats in HSTouch but I haven't used it yet. I do look at it to see the temperature from time to time though. I must say though tha tthe Vera forum is a great place for N00b questions. If you want to know how to wire a light switch or something like that it's great. I have a ton of posts over there and the vast majority of them are me answering such questions. My posts on this forum are mostly all me asking questions. HS3 is simply a different tier product. Better in every way.
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                            Originally posted by rprade
                            There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


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                              I was hooked on Imperihome with my Vera too, and was disappointed when I switched and found out it wasn't available for Homeseer controllers. As above though, I started playing with HS Touch Designer and I am really happy now. Yes it's pricey, but it's powerful, and you really can get things laid out exactly the way you want. You're not bound by someone's predetermined layout or idea of what you want.

                              I was turned off by the software at first, and almost returned if for a refund, but I watched a few How To Video's and once you get the hang of it, it's really not that hard.