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Good HS3 touchscreen and user interfaces

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  • Good HS3 touchscreen and user interfaces

    Hello everyone, I've played around a little bit with HSTouch for my HS3 but I was looking for user interfaces and/or touchscreen plugins for controlling my HS3. I see a few posts in this general discussion but they are generally from quite a few years ago.

    Does anyone have any information about interfaces for HS3?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Apart from HSTouch, there is HSMetro and you can also use my web page builder for simple control pages.

    The majority use HSTouch......


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      Thank you fot the info Jon. I like the idea of Metro but I think I'm looking for something else. (I get enough of the Windows themes every day) I do like the looks of the web page builder you have. I wish I would have found that sooner. I've spent weeks with HSTouch off and on but not been satisifed with the outcome of it.

      I think I'm going to give your web page builder a try. Thanks



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        Just for info, what exactly are you looking for?


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          Jon, to be honest I don't have a good image in my mind of what I'm looking for. I'm re-writing this as I went off on a little bit of an HSTouch rant but I know I don't want something as overly complicated as HSTouch. Had I dont better research into HSTouch I believe I wouldn't have switch over from HAI to the HomeTroller S6 Pro I recently purchased. I have become so frustrated with HSTouch I almost think I'm missing something fundamental about the initial setup.

          Something that could get a system setup in a matter of days instead of months and had a little bit more modern of an interface than something from the early 90's. Customization options are great but I like having 10 options instead of 250. I like the scripts you make. I'm using your Weather Display script and the NOAA weather script. Both work amazingly well. I'm also starting out with your website builder script now and so far I like it.

          I know this isn't a lot of help.



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            Looking at comments on other HA forums, HSTouch does not get good reviews; especially those who move from other platforms such as HAI & Vera. That said, I've never been a HSTouch user so cannot give any opinion.

            Looking at some of the displays that have been created with HSTouch, they do look impressive but you do need hours of free time and graphical flair; something I'm lacking

            Some people would say going back to web based interfaces is old fashioned but they do work. Web Page Builder was written for Homeseer 2 many years ago but I got badgered to convert it to HS3 long before I upgraded. Good thing I did as I still use it daily!


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              I know this doesn't help, but I'll say it anyway. I wasn't able to jump into HStouch right away either, because just setting up the HS software took me sometime to get it the way I like. Then I went on to HStouch.

              HSTouch has a learning curve, and at first I used the exisiting template to give me basic control. Then as I learned more and became more confident, with the help of this forum and help file, I made my own screens. My needs were simple, due to wife's request, so I kept it simple. Mine was modeled after iphone screen, for quick access, to lights, gate, garage door, fountain, etc with only minimum data being displayed. I had to make my own icons since the existing stuff, looked like 70-80's stuff. Wife didn't like the main, default screen, having a bunch of stuff( like lot of temps, graph, etc).
              At first for icons I used free ones I found doing google image search, then in a few years( yes, years, due to busy life), I made my own icons. You want to import the new contemporary icons HS has into HSTouch as use those. The new contemporary icons are pretty nice.
              baby steps...starting again with HS3
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                Thank you for the input.

                Jon, Like you said, I don't have much of a graphical flair either, although I don't mind going through some configuration and setup either. I'm sure it's part of the reason we do what we do. That being said I like your page builder. I haven't been able to spend much time to tinker or read many forums about it yet but I'm looking forward to seeing what it can do. I'd like to add some buttons to control simple devices but I haven't gone deep enough to learn how to do it. Any pointers to posts or shortcuts would be appreciated.

                Tom, I had a similar approach. I have a lot of different devices, some legacy. UPB, Sonos, HAI, Z-Wave, Nest, Smart remotes, etc. etc. The setup took a while and when I dove into Touch I was hoping for something else. I spent a month working on a template only to completely scrap it after learning a couple layout fundamentals and notes that could have been included in some sort of start-up guide. You mentioned contemporary icons. Do you know where I could find them to see if that's what I have? Perhaps that is some basic that I'm missing. I've looked into icons already through the boards and downloaded some free sets but if HomeSeer put out a new contemporary set that I didn't know about that might be easier to use.

                In the looking around for interfaces, I also saw that InControl is coming out with apps and people are starting to promote iRule but I haven't yet looked into those and I don't believe InControl has ios apps out yet.

                Thanks for the help.