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  • Originally posted by grtaylor View Post
    Has the creator of the app/PI disappeared? Seems like no responses for some months. Which is a shame.

    I just started using HSBuddy solely for the Geofence capability on some iPhones and it works great but.... sometimes it does a quick seemingly random out/in to the home geofence, when the device is still within the area. Which makes using for disabling the home alarm a bit tricky. I guess I could try and figure out a way around it with devices and delays but it would be helpful to find out what's causing it and see if we can't fix it.

    Anyone have any ideas or seen this?
    I see this issue occasionally, but only on older Android devices running Nougat. I am not certain, but I have noticed that when this happens the Google locator changes position on their map for the device as well. I believe this is caused by the phone being handed off to a different tower, that changes the estimated location of the device and 'moves' it out of the particular geofence. My newer devices seem to do a more fine-grained triangulation of their position, and don't seem to be affected by this.


    • I just start using again HSBuddy, because the HS mobile app is too flaky and rough. I have discovered the Geofence capability of HSBuddy and like it very much, so far. Can someone please let me know how I could display the Geofence map in HSTouch? Thanks. Elliott