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  • Google Home?

    Anyone working on a Google Home plugin?

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    It is my understanding that we're all waiting on Google to release an API to the public for such a thing to happen. Should be out in December.

    In the mean time, you can get limited integration using IFTTT. I'm currently using this in conjunction with four Homes to control lighting on a per-room basis using events. It's more limited than I'd like, but it's a start.


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      You should also be able to use the "Hue Bridge" like we did for the echo earlier. I have not had time to try it yet but it should work since the Home does support the Hue.


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        I have not tried the hue bridge yet... but it should be called out that Google Home requires the Hue to be on port 80. Many likely have HomeSeer running on port 80 which would not work.

        The port 80 seems to be hard coded in the Google Home discovery of the Hue hub.