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Virtual Device to control Sonos, any tips?

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  • Virtual Device to control Sonos, any tips?

    I'd like a virtual device to control my Sonos but having issues as many times Alexa thinks I'm asking her to play music directly. I have a device "Sonos" so I'd say Turn on the Sonos which works 80% of the time, but the other 20% she goes on about "Sorry you don't have any music services set up." I named it "Living Room Music" but same thing, works maybe 80% of the time, but the other 20% she says something like "Sorry I can't find any music to play in the living room". I even made a device called "Pop Ballads" to match my Google Play music but she just says "I can't find any pop ballad songs to play." Hard to make a virtual device name if you can't use Music or Sonos in the name, any tips?

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    I do virtual devices for sonos. Like you I have a virtual device named Sonos. With the command Alexa turn on sonos or Alexa turn off sonos works for me almost every time so not sure whats going on in your setup. You can't say turn on music cause Alexa will say can't play music. I also set up virtual devices such as living room speakers, kitchen speakers, etc.. What I did for this was I have my kitchen player as the master player which is what music will play from. If I say Alexa turn on living room speakers it will than unmute living room speaker and Link to kitchen. IF I say turn off kitchen speakers it just mutes kitchen speaker but doesn't stop the player so it wont affect my other zones.

    This is just a fix for now...someday this. year sonos will work with Alexa seamlessly without having to do these work arounds.