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Device naming and Alexa

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  • Device naming and Alexa

    *edit* Sorry I didn't realize this was for Spud's plug-in. I'm currently using the native skill.

    So... I thought I had my devices named in a way I was satisfied with, until Alexa showed up in our household.

    Due to how the default HSTouch screens list devices alphabetically I prepended all lights with "Light - " to put them together in the list. So for example all Kitchen lights show up in a row, all garage lights show up in a row, etc... it made for minimal scrolling in the HSTouch app.

    However now with Alexa it makes for funky things like "Alexa, tell HomeSeer, turn on Kitchen Light Island Dimmer to 50%." That's really long and I'm not sure the wife acceptance factor will hold.

    For example my dimmers in the Kitchen show up as...

    1st Kitchen Light - Island Dimmer
    1st Kitchen Light - Table Dimmer

    1st = Location 2 Label
    Kitchen = Location 1 Label

    The rest is the actual device name.

    Have any of you evolved your device names in a way to be more fluid with the Alexa skill?
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    You could always create virtual device with friendly names, then trigger the control based on the virtual device change.
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      A good suggestion, those virtual devices certainly are handy.