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    I installed the Alexa plugin, set it up and authorized it. It was working, but suddenly it started giving me an error when I go to the config page and click Test

    MmException: BadDeviceId calling waveInOpen at NAudio.Wave.WaveInEvent.OpenWaveInDevice() at NAudio.Wave.WaveInEvent.StartRecording() at HSPI_Alexa.AudioCapture.Start(WaveFormat audioFormat, Stream audioStream, RecordingStateListener stateListener, RecordingRMSListener rmsListener)
    Apr-06 3:34:27 AM Alexa ERROR NAudio.MmException: InvalidHandle calling waveInStop at NAudio.Wave.WaveInEvent.StopRecording() at HSPI_Alexa.AudioCapture.Stop()

    2. In the imperihome software on iPhone you can add a voice recognition widget.
    Can I link this feature to Alexa? If yes how please? I think it is doable but I can't try it coz Alexa plugin isn't working

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    See this post for a similar question:


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      1. The plugin can't find the microphone, make sure you have a microphone connected, then try to delete the microphone_id line in your Alexa.ini and restart the plugin.

      2. I don't think you can link the VR widget of the Imperihome app to Alexa. ImperiHome use its own VR engine.