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Alexa cannot find any devices

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  • Alexa cannot find any devices

    When I activate (test) Alexa, and say turn on device x, no matter what device, I always get I cannot find that device in your account. All my devices have voice command enabled in configuration and I use the device name from the device list

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    Your post is a little unclear about what is going on where. Did you Discover Devices on your Echo? With only the skill and not the API then only lights are available as devices and you can "Tell HomeSeer to" for events. The lights have to show up in the Alexa app after you Discover Devices before you can use them.


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      Ok I did not know I had to discover devices. No idea how I do that but I'll do a search. Is there a way to get Alexa to switch devices without saying "Tell HomeSeer to" ?


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        Alexa, discover devices.

        Or in the Alexa app pick the three bars top left and then Smart Home.

        The Echo doesn't pick up groups so you need to recreate them in the same place. Be careful with your naming. No two names the same, including a group with the same name as a device.