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Need help...Siri or Alexa

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  • Need help...Siri or Alexa

    Hey guys I need your guidance

    I'm uncertain which path to go down...either Alexa or Siri

    with Siri approach Im thinking of buying Apple Watch. I had a bought an amazon echo several months back and hated the fact that I had to say area tell homeseer to turn on kitchen light. I have cooper RF aspire zwave lights. Is it now possible to just say he Alexa turn on kitchen light????

    I also recently heard that amazon Alexa will be working with sonos in early 2017

    Which path should I go down???? don't want to spend money and regret it

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    I can't speak for Siri, but the echo works fine without having to invoke the command with "ask homeseer to..." it now works by just saying " Alexa, turn xxx lights on/off" etc, using the API method. There are lots of threads about this. My impression is that Siri may be better integrated with homekit but that's not widely adopted yet.

    There are a lot of other integrations with the echo but mostly I just use it for lights and to set the alarm.


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      I think Siri at this point is better on mobile devices and answering questions and I think Alexa is a better at home for voice command. I just read an article that Apple is looking to make a similar echo device as well that may do face recognition.


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        Personally here, I run both. I am still in the beginning stages of setting things up. But I use homekit as a replacement for the HSTouch App on my phones (plus the ability to talk to siri is a nice add). I also have echos around the house which is nice since you don't have to have the phone around you.

        Both seem to work pretty well.


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          Originally posted by csullivan2005 View Post
          Which path should I go down???? don't want to spend money and regret it
          Well tech being tech, and with the success of Echo bringing some of the other big guns to the table, this isn't probably possible

          I'm currently using the Echo (API) and I haven't found a use case I can't work around with HS3. What would be nice eventually would be data feedback from HS3 to the Echo (ie Alexa is the front door open, what is the house temperature, etc?).
          Also using the mobile app Lexi, I can run all of the Echo commands from my Iphone anywhere so I'm set both in and out of the house.
          And with the new Echo ESP, you can have other Echo/Dot's nearby and only one will respond.



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            I'm currently using Jon00's script with the Echo dot and can have it report things like the inside temperature, humidity whether the garage door is open or closed. Works like a champ!

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