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    I wanted to post a screenshot of a voice command and explain a little bit how it works.
    I need to expand the voice command functionality and that is coming.

    Here is what you can do with it so far:

    You can enter a voice command (eg: "test 1")
    When you speak that on the phone, the phone will give you back a list of what it thinks you want. You pick the correct one and then it is sent to the plugin for processing. If you setup a voice command phrase "test 1" then the action you assign to it will be executed when "test 1" is received by the plugin.

    Here is an example of a "play artist" voice phrase:
    You can see in the screenshot that I give it a name (this can be whatever you want). I then give it a phrase which is "play artist [data]"
    You then pick an action to run. You must add actions separately in the plugin. That way you can assign whatever action you want to voice phrases, nfc tags and locations.

    Back to the example... if I speak "play artist Whitesnake" into the phone it will give me back a list of what it thinks it heard. Pick the one you want.
    I picked "play artist Whitesnake". This is then sent to the plugin. The plugin will strip off the [data] which is Whitesnake in this case and you are left with "play artist".
    The [data] can be used in script commands to do what you need with it.
    The action I have assigned is called "Play Artist". It is a script command action that consists of this code:

    hs.Speak("[data] is now playing")
    In my example I am simply speaking that "Whitesnake is now playing"

    I hope this helps a bit
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    I am new to your plugin and am still on the trial but I REALLY like this so far. One thing I am not so crazy about is the voice commands, maybe I am not doing this right or setting it up correctly? When I speak a command, I get all these choices and have to tap to select one. You end up doing as many clicks as simply going to the DEVICES and selecting the desired command anyway- What I mean is, if I tap VOICE COMMAND and then say "FIREPLACE LAMP ON" I then have to wait....then..SELECT A PHRASE...wait some more... and finally the lamp goes on. If I just tap DEVICES and then tap FIREPLACE LAMP ON it takes a fraction of the time. I had envisioned that once I setup a spoken phrase and desired action, next time I just tap VOICE COMMAND and speak FIREPLACE LAMP ON and that's that... Am I missing something in how I am setting this up? Also using with a Galaxy Tab 4 (android) if it matters any?



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      Yes I plan to re-work the voice part of it.
      It is on my list of things to do. That list is quite large
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        Interesting PI, but I am still not clear. Is this the same as setting a event with a phrase trigger then a action? And if so what makes it diferent using the PI?

        Can you explain what are NFC tags and locations options.
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          Well, voice commands or not, I think I am going to pay for this and keep it, partly because I can use it for my house install of HS and then use the HS Touch app for my shop. I find that its buggy to try to switch servers using HS touch, it seems to "lock on" to one server, even if you set it for "ASK" it seems you cannot switch unless you shut the device off and back on again. In the past I had been using Mobilinc as my secondary interface but they have no plans to support HS3, and that led me to try to find another interface and found this app in the Android store. Glad I did, I like it a lot...