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Feature Request #398 - A good read for anyone that uses this plugin

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  • Feature Request #398 - A good read for anyone that uses this plugin

    I put a feature request on your page a couple hours ago but wanted to add a little to it. No edit feature over there!

    The ticket says:
    --- Start ticket
    When using the NFC portion of the Android app I've noticed the need to open the app, go into the NFC tags and THEN scan the tag. Way too many steps! The whole point of automation is to make things easier.

    Can it be made that as long as the app is loaded, we can scan a tag and have the action taken? Only exception would be when the user is in the 'write' tab.
    --- End ticket

    After showing my wife (very non-techie type) it has become pretty clear, unless she can hit one button on her phone and scan the tag....she won't be using them! Just waiting for the plugin to load is kinda long sometimes.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the plugin and have purchased it but for the non-techie person it still seems to take too long to be making things easier.

    So, my new question is....
    Can we get a new slim and trim NFC app that ONLY sends the tag info to HomeSeer? Then BLControl on the HomeSeer machine can do all the leg work turning stuff on and off.

    That way the user only has to hit the BLNFC icon, scan the tag, the app confirms the tag was read with a chirp and closes the app. Life goes on, quirk and easy!

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    OK let me see what can be done
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