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Voice Control Overhaul Feature Request Thread

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  • Voice Control Overhaul Feature Request Thread

    I just put up a feature request at Request #426

    Please feel free to comment, suggest or otherwise contribute to the process.

    Taken from the post about Android Voice Control on HS: . Thanks for taking a look, Bob!

    Would like the voice portion of BLControl modified to something more streamlined. With as little human intervention as possible for the end user.

    * Push ONE button on phone and tell it what you want to do. IE. Kitchen, turn on table lights
    * If command is excepted by HomeSeer, the table lights just come on. No, "is this what you want" or any other prompt. The lights just come on!
    * If command was not excepted, have a 'Star Trek' like beep, a voice stating "I didn't get that" or something similar. Move closer to phone and say it again.
    * When command is excepted, app closes back to home screen.

    I think it would work best if there was a way to make a shortcut into the voice control portion of BLControl. That way we could have a button on the android home screen to press. In the long term, I would like to use Tasker to launch the voice option when there is motion in the room. So hitting the one button to talk is crucial.

    Also, on the back end portion, it is real important to be able to talk naturally. Remembering everyone in the house might not call the same light the same thing. In the Kinect plug-in users can use syntax like this:
    [<set|turn|put>] [<the|on>] [Living Room] [<standup|floor>] lamp [to] on

    Optional words or phrases (from the Kinect plugin help file):
    words or phrases enclosed in brackets, i.e [ and ], are optional. For example the phrase diagram "Turn [the] light on" indicates that both "Turn light on" and "Turn the light on" will be recognized.

    Multiple choices (from the Kinect plugin help file):
    Multiple choices of required words or phrases are shown enclosed in < and > symbols. For example the phrase diagram "Turn the light " indicates that both "Turn the light on" and "Turn the light off" will be recognized.

    Lastly, being able to tell which instance is triggered and react to that room would be a huge plus. Within the plug-in have something like Instance 1 = Kitchen, Instance 2 = Living Room ...
    Then have the name of the room inserted automatically to the spoken command. This would work great for tablets. For the phone it could be left blank and the room name would have to be spoken.

    Going to be fun! Thanks again.
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    OK I will take a look
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