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BLFloorplan Expired

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    BLFloorplan Expired

    Hey Blade/All,

    I DL'ed the BLFloorplan 1.0.23 from Blade's site.

    Logged in w/local admin account
    (no other accts currently active on box).

    HS 2 program shutdown.
    HS 2 speaker shutdown.

    Installed the BLFloorplan 1.0.23 plug-in, at end, prompted to restart HS. I did not. I restarted the box. The machine bounced and then auto logged in with a local user account. This user account has "Full Control" over the HS folder and default/normal user access to the rest of the box (for security reasons).

    Upon remoting to my internal HS Web console I didn't see any new plug-in.

    I checked the Interface, it says the BLFloorplan is enabled and interface OK... but I don't see any button (orange'ish) like I have for my other plug-ins.

    I checked my log...
    3/7/2010 7:40:58 PM BLFloorplan Init Error The plug-in trial period has expired! Please visit to purchase the plug-in and obtain a license!3/7/2010 7:40:58 PM Error Initializing interface: BLFloorplan->The plug-in trial period has expired!

    This is the first time I've installed...
    :: shrug ::

    Any thoughts?

    - Chad

    Are you keeping backups of your HS installs?

    If so and if it was working yesterday I'd shutdown HS2 and restore the plugin to the previous version.

    Or is this a casualty of the licensing switching over?



      Yes, I do keep backups...
      I backup the entire HS folder by coping it to an external backup folder, and I allow the plug-ins to create their own backup...
      Just in case

      I've never had the plug-in installed before - this is a first.
      So, I really can't answer as to if it ever worked...
      It might work; however, the license check might be the only thing preventing me from checking out if I want to purchase.

      From what I read on Blade's site, I thought there was a 30 day trial.

      Since I've never had and/or tried before...
      It might be part of the licensing switch over, you spoke of. Is this switch over a part of the plug-in checking/phoning home to a different location?

      - Chad


        I guess since he'll be cutting over to the HS license system so if possible I'd say hang on a few days. When the PI gets converted to the HS2 system I bet you get another 30 day shot at her.




          It is possible its to do with the changeover to HST.

          For now shut down HS and look in your \HomeSeer 2\BIN\BLFloorplan dir and run the uninstaller.. restart and you should be back to where you was.

          Leave is a short time before trying again, get the file from the UPDATER as once that is in there then you know the plugins have been moved.



            None of the plugins have changed over to HST yet. That is still in progress.
            Try what TrOjAn said.
            The install should work off my site. I know many others have no issue with it
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