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Update link please and a question..

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    Update link please and a question..


    I am evaluating the BLFloorplan plugin. Pretty nice how simple it was to set this up and get running.

    Maybe I am not doing this right, but to display this floorplan in HSTouch, I use a Text Element (object?), set the URL in the text property, and make HTML = True at the bottom. This works but there is white space on the top and left margins, cutting off the bottom of my floor plan.

    How can I make it so the floor plan takes up the whole screen? I've set all the obvious checkboxes to hide things to True, Center it, no center, Adjust Page Spacing for Touch Screens, etc. Still cannot get rid of this white margin along the left and top.

    Is the URL I use the same one that appears when clicking on the "View Floorplan" button?

    Also, please update the link in the Knowledgebase sticky to go through the old posts.

    Blade may yell at me for this but as a former user of BLFloorPlan it's a great plug-in if you are designing web pages to access your HomeSeer but if you're using HSTouch it's really not needed. It's far easier to just draw your floor-plan and use that graphic as the background on that screen and use any icons you want for devices.
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      Thanks, that makes sense.