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HS3 controlled devices on MS5

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    HS3 controlled devices on MS5

    Hi Blade,

    Just bought this plugin last week and it works wonders with MS5 and HS3 but I wonder... Is there a way to associate a device like for instance an Aeotec Nano Dimmer from HS3 to be recognized as a light?

    let me explain if I may:

    Lights are mostly recognized by the MyDesigner theme as in Photo 1

    But if I export using this plugin, all I get (as far as I know I must say ) what is described on photo 2.

    I made my own version of the slider/switch for a HS3's aeotec nano dimmer as seen in photo 3.

    Can I make it a light in MS5's eyes? if I may, I've been using MS5 for a week and the plugin for like 4 days... so I'm very novice!!! (HS3 since June '19 so while more experienced, not an expert either )

    Kind Regards,