I'm using HS4 with Allonis myServer 5.. just have a few links between Allonis and HS via BLML2HS at this point. Would like to use a volume slider on my Allonis page.

BLRussound appears to create a root device, with its attributes being feature devices. For example, my zone "Brett's Office Speakers" is device ref 754, and "Brett's Office Speakers - Volume" is feature ref 758. In Allonis I can't figure out how to control this - no commands I send to HS seem to trigger a value change for the volume level. Is there a special command parameter to reference both the root device ref and the feature ref? Addressing just the feature ref doesn't seem to work, and addressing the device by name doesn't seem to work.

As a temporary work-around, I created a virtual device in HS, linked it to "Brett's Office Speakers - Volume", and I can then control this virtual device by name or by ref which works as expected, but isn't an ideal solution.

I'm running BLML2HS version on the HS side and 4.0.8 on the ML side. BLRussound version

Thanks in advance!