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Trouble with special characters

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    Trouble with special characters

    I was informed by Cinemar that the new web designer (the one that creates iPad, Android, Nook) scenes will not support special characters in the variable names that contain `~!@#$%^&*()[]{}?<>

    As we all know, HS has these devices names with those characters. I am having them write me some scenes for the iPad and now I am stuck. I have about 150 variables that have this issue. My first option is I am going to have to write 150 server based rules to mirror these BL variables to usable ones.

    I was wondering/hoping, is would it be reasonable to add a cross-reference option on the setup page to instruct the plug to use a different blml2hs variable in ML? I mocked up a setup screen to illustrate how this could work.

    So, in this example attached, device code )1 would create/maintain the following variables in ML:

    blml2hs_bl1_code : Note this would contain the HS Code )1

    I would propose adding one more variable

    blml2hs_bl1_mlcode : would contain bl1

    I would be willing to donate to the effort - it is either this or I got about 150 server rules to setup and maintain to mirror changes to these variables to cleaner variables that the tablet scenes will support.

    Thanks for your help
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    I can have a look into this. I have already converted BLML2HS for HS3 but it does seem like a good idea. It would require me to make the changes in both the HS2 and HS3 code though which is a pain.
    Please add a feature request for this on my web site and point it to this thread.
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      Done! Thanks for your help!


        An update was just made (1.09) to the plugin that adds this feature - this is great, because now all the HS variables are available to the new web designer in ML - the ML web designer does not support special characters in the variable names, and with this solution you can develop incredibly cool looking iPad, Nook, Android scenes.

        Anyone looking to do ML <-> HS, look no further.

        Great job!!


          It seems to me that when I take an event such as a power outage, and HS2 goes down without warning. When everything returns I have to reset all the named events.