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    help with BlTouchstring

    Can someone please explain to me exactly what BLTouchstring does and give an example of how it would be used.

    The description and help page are a bit sketchy,

    also it mentions a web page to access it, what would that be?


    I use it for devices that don't display properly in HSTouch because of weird HTML. Running it through BLTouchString will strip out all of the HTML and leave you with something that displays correctly.

    I use this little script to strip out some HTML, namely the image, from a weather condition and put it in a device for later use in speech.

    PHP Code:
    ' Strips out some weird characters so the weather condition from ultraweatherbug speaks correctly.

    Public Sub Main(ByVal Parms As Object) 

         hs.SetDeviceString ("Z53",hs.Plugin("BLTouchString").GetFormattedDeviceString("(26"),TRUE)
    End Sub 
    I also use it in a few HSTouch script statements to get rid of some characters that mess up my screens.

    The web page really on contains a couple of things. the debug logging on or off and the help file.

    While it's hardly my most used plug-in it sure can be useful when you need it to strip out those HTML characters.
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