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    Originally posted by pcp View Post
    A widget to either display an image or HTML (both on HS server and given a URL) would be welcome. This would enable to display charts, traffic, etc
    +1 for this 👍

    Also, I'd like to be able to place other widgets on top of the image widget. My use case for this would be a floor plan image with other device widgets placed on top in the proper locations on the floor plan.


      Found a bug.

      Not able to scroll down selecting a new icon in portrait mode.
      -Android phone
      -add a new widget
      -use a custom icon.
      > unable to scroll down
      -turning the screen in landscape
      > scrolling is possible

      HS buddy build 1.0.61 (210610814)

      Best regards,


        When repositioning widgets on the dashboard it would be nice if the app did not attempt to reposition other widgets on the fly and instead waited for the widget to be "placed" before moving anything else.

        For example, if I wanted to move the Master Bedroom or Bedtime widgets below any of the Table Lamp or TV widgets in the screenshot below, I would have to shrink the width of everything to create a blank path between them so that none of the widgets' boundaries come into contact with each other. As soon as the widget you are moving touches another widget's boundary box, it nudges it downward on the dashboard indefinitely. Also, when trying to do the opposite and move one widget above another one, it displaces any widget you touch downward a block or two, which isn't a huge deal, but can screw up any spacing you have going on underneath, requiring you to move all other widgets that got nudged during this operation.

        The preferred behavior would be to have any other widgets that aren't being moved to snap back to their original location once the moving widget exits their 'home' area. The Android home screen has a similar behavior when moving icons and widgets around. Other icons/widgets aren't affected by whatever you're moving, and only if you hover over an existing app/widget with the one you're moving, it will let you preview the displacement of the existing one the appropriate number of blocks from where it currently lives. Releasing the icon with those other objects displaced will set everything in its new location, otherwise moving to an unused portion of the home screen will simply place it there instead without disrupting anything else.


          That would be mega handy - I have always worked around it by, as you say, resizing a widget to be as small as possible and try and slide it in-between others to get to my destination. But sometimes I haven't been able to precisely slide my finger and all my other widgets have ended up mashed all over the place while I slid. Lots (and lots) of fixing later everything is sorted, but it is a pain every time you add a widget because new ones will always squeeze into the first available space and therefore often require moving between other widgets to get to where you wanted it. Minor gripe though which is why I've never mentioned it, but it is a good one FooSchnickens


            Tillsy - At the risk of hijacking a thread, I am a very new user of HSBuddy and appreciating how it works. I was admiring your "mega" dashboard and was wondering if you could tell me what device(s) you are using to measure your solar output and how do you note the internet connected tine? Any help would be appreciated.