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Server profiles - feedback

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    Server profiles - feedback

    Hi folks,

    There's a new version of the app on its way, 1.0.38 - should be available in the Apple/Google stores soon. This version introduces a new feature: Server Profiles. This feature has been requested repeatedly: the ability to configure connections multiple HomeSeer servers and quickly switch between them. Server Profiles lets you do just that. To get started:
    • Make sure you are on version 1.0.38 or later of the App
    • Open the left-side menu (hamburger button), tap on 'Server', open the 'Connection' tab.
    • Tap on the right-side menu (3 dots button), select 'New Profile'
    • You can give your new profile a more meaningful name. By default, it will be 'Profile1' (and 'Default' will be the name of the original profile)
    • Configure the Connection settings of the new profile, tap on Test Connection to make sure everything works.
    • And, you're done!
    A few more things worth noting:
    • You can create as many profiles as HomeSeer servers you have
    • You can quickly switch between profiles by opening the left-side menu (hamburger button) and tapping on the globe icon.
    • If you create Shortcuts for a specific device, event or camera, launching the app from the Shortcut will switch to the profile associated with that device. This works for any kind of shortcut, either quick-launch actions, home-screen shortcuts (android only) or Siri shortcuts (iOS only)
    • If you have enabled the Geolocation feature, by default updates will be sent only the original ('Default') profile. You can enable additional profiles to receive location updates from the 'Settings' tab on the 'Server' section of the menu.
    That's it! I hope you find Server Profiles useful. If you have multiple HomeSeer servers and use this new feature, feel free to use this section to drop comments or suggestions on how to improve it.

    Not now, AFTER dashboards is finished, and enhancement to this will be to enable a dashboard to have devices from multiple servers.

    I have a holiday home that I hope to someday move from Vera to HS and there are three key devices I would want on my kitchen's dashboard for that house. I already have the camera showing on it just need those three devices - everything else on my dashboard is for my action home.