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    Slow startup


    Great plugin! Now with the new Dashboard feature, I am playing with it and like it a lot! Great work!

    One request, please look into the initio startup sequence. It really should not take 15+ seconds on a i7 with SSD to startup the plugin. Please create a new thread and return as soon as you can. This plugin almost takes more time to load than all of my other plugins combined. A few hundred miliseconds should be enough!

    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks again.

    Takes several minutes to start on my Raspberry Pi - so I just don't use the plugin as it was stalling my system startup. The app works fantastic without it via ASCII and JSON, you just don't get the history and logs. Unsure about cameras I had that working without but now can't, but have had the plugin turned off a long time so can't be that...
    What the actual?!? When I make a sarcastic remark or joke it is moderated/deleted.
    But you specifically go out of your way to label multiple HS4 issues that cause data loss/crash of HS4 to be "grumbles".
    I can't even begin to put into words how offensive this is.


      Please look into this. I won't be using the plugin for this simple reason. It should be an easy fix.