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Camera returned null cached image: NetCam

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    Camera returned null cached image: NetCam

    Looking for a good ImperiHome replacement, I tried HSBuddy and I am excited about it.
    This will probably be the best, easy to implement alternative for a nice gui.

    Using the HSBuddy plugin and HSBuddy app I noticed an error in de HomeSeer logging:
    Camera returned null cached image: NetCam|[ipcam_name]

    This error will show, everytime an ipcam is accessed by opening HSBuddy app on the phone, where the NetCam ipcameras are added as a widget.
    The error is shown in the logging running HSBuddy plugin v3.18.721.0 on HS3 and also after upgrading HomeSeer to HS4

    Can you take a look and maybe solve the error?
    Thank you very much.

    Same here:
    Sep-20 13:25:20 HSBuddy Timed out fetching image from camera NetCam - CC-Front-Yard