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HSBuddy is connecting to the "wrong" HS instance through myHS

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    HSBuddy is connecting to the "wrong" HS instance through myHS

    This issue is somewhat related to my previous post about accessing more than one HS instance through myHS.
    From my previous thread I realized that HSBuddy only supports controlling the primary HS instance when accessing through myHS.
    By this time I had already logged in through HSBuddy to myHS and connected to my primary instance of HS.
    I then realized that the instance of HS that I most needed to control through HSBuddy was of course not my primary instance (because is the HS install I added last).
    But it is possible to switch primary HS instance in the "Manage Account" section of the myHS web pages.

    I therefore proceeded to switch primary instance of HS, making the instance that previously was secondary the primary.
    However, even after I changed the other instance to primary, and then proceeded to log in again in HSBuddy, it was still showing me the same HS instance that was previously primary, not the "new" primary that I wanted and had selected.
    Somehow the app seems to be "remembering" the previous HS server when it logs into myHS. Or the issue is on the myHS server side.

    I tried to uninstall the HSBuddy app from my phone completely and reinstalling it, and then entering the myHS username and password again.
    But it still shows me the "old" primary HS instance.
    What must I do to fix this?
    Is this an issue in the HSBuddy app, or could it be a problem in the myHS server, so that it is still treating the "old" primary instance of HS as primary, even after I changed it?

    Any help on this is much appreciated. If I can not fix this within a reasonable time period I am inclined to give up on this app, since I can not afford to spend a lot of time fiddling around just trying to get it up and running even before I get as far as actually setting it up properly and testing it.

    This is not the only issue I have had as a result of having two HS instances under the same myHS account. In retrospect I realize that it would have been much easier and less complicated for me to have registered my two licenses of HS as two completely separate and unconnected licenses with different login accounts. Then I would have avoided all such issues as this.