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Resizing , draging widgets & icons in dashboard

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    Resizing , draging widgets & icons in dashboard

    Hello all,

    First a big thank you for this app/plugin!

    I can't figure out how to resize widgets & Icons.
    I did change some widgets but unable to reproduce it.

    -edit dashboard > click the widget.
    -In preview I have the " double arrow" which I can move around and the widget changes size ( display option : device name)
    -In preview I have the " double arrow" which I can move around and the widget + icon changes size ( display option : Icon only)
    -Click save, But the size did not change.

    I also don't seem to be able to drag widget to another place or put them next to each other. They are all below each other.

    Many thanks for your help , Cor
    Samsung S20FE
    App build: 1.0.50 (210021943)
    Plugin version

    Below is the response to I believe the same question :

    Originally posted by dmcentire View Post
    Something has changed in the current version (build 1.0.50) - the widgets can no longer be adjusted in size nor moved around in a section.

    I've tried a lot and this functionality seems to be broken now. I have noticed when editing the widget details (tap on it once) I can resize the "preview" button, but that new size doesn't carry back to the dashboard.
    Hey. Yes, in a recent update the editor for dashboards changed. Now there's 2 modes when editing. You can read more about it here:

    TL;DR: at the top of the editor there's a bar with the current mode. Tap on it to change between modes. One of the modes let's you drag and resize widgets. The other mode lets you tap to select and edit.


      dwg : excelent..... ( although not very intuitive .... a bit too hidden this function)........ I am about to say this is even better as imperihome.👍