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Looking for beta testers

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    Looking for beta testers

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a group of beta testers to help validate new features of HSBuddy before rolling them out to everyone else. If you use HSBuddy regularly, would like to try out new features even before they are fully polished, and can spare a few minutes each week to share feedback, I can use your help.

    The Beta versions of HSBuddy are now open for everyone. If you have a chance to test the latest features and provide feedback, please join!You can subscribe to this thread to get updates on upcoming Beta releases.

    Thank you!
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    New build for Beta 1.0.75

    A new beta build will be available in the next couple days. This version requires upgrading Dashboards. When opening a Dashboard that was created with previous versions of the app you will be given a choice to upgrade in-place or creating a copy. If you have multiple devices running HSBuddy, but only some of them running the Beta version, you should choose creating a copy, since older versions will not be able to show the upgraded dashboards.

    The new version of Dashboards has the following upgrades:
    • Allows manually adjusting the number of columns to show on a dashboard. This is more flexible than the previous option to add 'padding' of 1 column only.
    • Automatically scales the dashboard to fit screens of similar sizes. Previously, different screen sizes would end up changing the number of columns on dashboards, potentially rearranging the widgets in undesirable configurations.
    • Removes the separate layouts for portrait/landscape. There is only a single layout per dashboard now.

    If you run into any issues, you can send feedback through the forum or directly from the app.



      New build for Beta 1.0.75 (Jan 12)

      In addition to the features described above, the new build released today has the following new upgrades:
      • Dashboard snapshots. The app will keep track of the most recent changes that have taken place locally on a dashboard. You can view what snapshots exist and revert to an earlier state of the dashboard by selecting Saved Snapshots from the right side menu on a dashboard view.
      • Improved search results. More relevant results shown when searching for devices, events and cameras. You can now also search devices and events by ref number.
      Please try this new version and report any issues you find through the app or on this forum.

      For instructions on how to join the beta see the post at the top of this thread.