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Camera stream not working

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    Camera stream not working

    I have upgraded the plug on my iphone and iPad to the latest version, and now the camera streams donโ€™t work annymore.
    HSbuddy App version 1.0.54
    The streams in on the camera page in the App take a verry long time to load if they work.
    In previous version it worked good!

    Regards Paul

    My system is HS3 ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hello! Thanks for reporting this. Could you try upgrading to version 1.0.57 (released earlier today) and check again? If they are still not working, could you send feedback from the app? To do that:
    1. Go to Options->Feedback
    2. Tap on Send Fedback
    3. Go back to the Cameras or Dashboard section that has this problem
    4. Hit the 'send' (paper plane) button at the top of the app to submit the report


      I treid the version 1.0.57, now I see an funy image but no camera stream.
      I will send the Feedback.

      It's a great plugin, do you consider an Apple Watch App?